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Welcome To Floofy Hosting.

Floofy Hosting was founded in early 2020 by Abdullah Chaudhry, more commonly known as HaloFloof. He founded Floofy Hosting, as he realized that the cost of running servers was low, but they sold for a lot of money. He decided to start Floofy Hosting, so that they can pass these savings on to consumers, while still maintaining a fleet of Intel i7 CPUs, NVMe SSD Stroage, DDR4 RAM, and gigabit uplinks.

Our Hosting Features

FTP File Access

Upload or download your server files quickly and efficiently, using the SFTP protocol.

Full Control

You are in full control of your server. Nothing is restricted by Floofy Hosting, just how it should be.

Backup Vaults

Backup your server automatically, and securely store these backups isolated from the rest of the server.

Gigabit Uplink

Handle any amount of players without any issues due to bandwidth on your server.

DDoS Protected

Always-on enterprise DDoS protection protects your server from people who try to take down your server. Try, not do.

24/7 Support Team

Something wrong? Talk to our super friendly support team! They are highly skilled in what they do.