Adding Your Own Server Icon

A server icon is the image that is on the left side of the server name on your server list in Minecraft. By default, every server you buy will come with a default Minecraft server icon, as shown below.



To customize this icon so it displays a custom image, first, you have to find a picture that you would like to use. In this example, we will use the Floofy Hosting logo. You will have to make sure it follows these specifications:

  • Size: 64px x 64px
  • File extention: .png
  • File name: server-icon


To double-check the dimensions, right-click on it and select properties, as shown below.



Once there, you should land on the "General" tab by default. Click on the "Details" tab.



From there, you can see the dimensions, which should read "64 x 64".

After that, go to, and click on your server. Hover over "Management" and click "File Management".



Now, drag and drop your server-icon.png file into the panel, as shown here:



After doing that, restart your server and you should see your logo show up.



If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to join our Discord server ( and open a ticket, so our dedicated support staff can help you!

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