Floofy Shield

Floofy Shield provides remote DDoS protection for your servers, business, or home.

DDoS Protected GRE (Tier 1)

Tier 1 requires all ports to be open, only available on Linux systems. Tier 1 uses NAT and port-forwarding, so you get a private IP address on your server with all ports forwarded. This, however, is not ideal if you want to setup VPS, among other things. You are limited to one IP address.

DDoS Protected FSOV (Tier 1)

FSOV requires no ports to be open. You will receive a private IP address, with all ports forwarded to your computer once you connect with the applications. This works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

DDoS Protected Public IPs

Either rent IPs from Floofy Hosting, or announce your own /24 IP block with us. You can set this up with your router (Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Cisco, or Juniper), and you will receive public IP addresses that your servers can pull. Alternatively, you can set this up on your Linux server directly, and use the IPs that way.
Locations New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Miami