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Is my server DDoS protected?

All Floofy Hosting services are protected with always on DDoS protection. Powered by Global Secure Layer and Cosmic Global Networks, we can ensure newly discovered attacks are patched as fast as possible.

Do I get a control panel with my server?

Yes, all of our plans come with their own dedicated control panel for each service type. Our game hosting and discord bot plans come with our custom fork of Pterodactyl panel which allows ease of use, without comprimising security.*

* Release mid-late 2022

Do I get a MySQL database?

All of our game hosting and discord bot plans come with MySQL databases, built directly into the control panel!

What do you mean by dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP means that you get either the 25565 port for Java or 19132 port for Bedrock. This makes setting up a domain easier, however, you can still setup domains without a dedicated port only in Minecraft Java Edition.

Can I move my own server files?

Depending on the previous service provider, in most cases yes, you can move your old files over. Most of the time it is easiest to download your old server files via SFTP and reupload them via SFTP, however, if your server is really big, you can talk to our support team about having the server pull the files directly.